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The Practice of Calligraphy for Beginners Workshop with Maria Oglesby at My Muses Card Shop

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  • By Lara Struckman
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The Practice of Calligraphy for Beginners Workshop with Maria Oglesby at My Muses Card Shop

You’ve likely seen the beautiful script of calligraphy scrolling across wedding invitations, classical art, and inspiring journal entries. Calligraphy as an art form has spanned across time and cultures from the exacting art of Chinese brushstrokes to the decorative writing of ancient Greeks to the modern expression of “calligraffiti.”  It may have felt out of reach or daunting to try your hand at this eloquent craft, but this past weekend, artist, illustrator, and designer Maria Oglesby broke it down in this beautiful beginners calligraphy workshop so that anyone can take their hand lettering to the next level through learning the basics of the calligraphy alphabet, how to connect various letters, and how to add embellishments and flourishes to their work. 



It was a beautiful day on Sunday to inspire some beauty and creativity as participants put ink to paper and practiced their calligraphy skills. 


Maria is a very experienced and skilled teacher, mentoring many students exploring and expanding their art careers. She brings a skillful patience and thoughtfulness to her classes that helps participants know they are in good hands and be surprised by their own latent abilities brought to the surface.



In the practice of calligraphy, having the right supplies can make a huge difference in how the letters and shapes flow across the page. Maria brought some of her favorite calligraphy tools for students to take home with them like fancy classic ink dipping pens as well as more modern lettering pens and recommended other supplies folks could try as they progress along their calligraphy journey, many of which can be bought right here at My Muses Card Shop!



Maria’s beginner calligraphy workshop is beginning to become a staple class at My Muses and participants continue to find it enriching and accessible to uncover and define their own personal style and to add flourish and flair to mundane memos and special occasions alike. There is so much possibility to how one can add calligraphy into their lives and encourage flow and sophistication in their practice. 


We hope that you will join us in the future for another beginner Calligraphy workshop at My Muses Card Shop or stop by to browse our collection of different lettering pens, nibs, inks and papers to let your calligraphy blossom on your own. 


Happy writing!


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