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Experience the Art of Book Binding at My Muses

Experience the Art of Book Binding at My Muses

Bookbinding is an age old craft, one rich in history and tradition. At one time, it was an essential task for people in the community to devote time and energy to binding up stories, knowledge, and information to be able to be spread and read by others. It’s such a gift to be able to put together the book itself and weave yourself into the process. Some might even say it is a form of magic!

 Last weekend at My Muses we had another fabulous bookbinding workshop with Nora Boyle, otherwise known as the Lady Book Witch! Nora is a skilled book binder, poet, and witch who runs a small literary press, Lady Book Witch Press. Interested in what it means to craft a material poem, Nora’s work explores the intersections of witchcraft, poetry, and bookmaking. Drawing on her feminist and nature-based values, Nora creates dark and whimsical books that simultaneously soothe and unsettle readers. She is a wonderful teacher and her passion for the craft and magical touches and nuances certainly shine through as she inspires others to explore and create their own personal symbolism and imbue their creations with meaning and purpose. 



This workshop is always a beautiful and rich experience at My Muses where markers and creatives come together to revel in the whimsy and light that comes through the space which only accentuates Nora’s gentle and contagious inspiration, charm, and guidance. 


We had a full class as usual on Sunday morning. The class  is delightfully hands-on and during the three hours participants get to learn the technique of coptic stitch bookbinding and walk away with the great satisfaction of crafting their very own lay flat journal for sketching, writing, casting spells or whatever you desire! This type of binding features an exposed spine, custom covers, and beautiful chain stitch. Rather than using any type of staples or glue to hold the pages together, coptic binding stitches them together with thread or string. This form of bookbinding dates all the way back to the Early Christians, or Copts, of Egypt back in the 2nd century CE. Nora brought all the materials needed and participants made one of a kind artful collage covers for their hand bound journals.



Bookbinding is such a valuable skill we are thrilled to help revive and nurture here at My Muses. It is so important that these rich art forms and practical magic don’t slip away from our hands with the winds of modernity. Aside from creating beautiful and practical books and journals one can use and gift, bookbinding also fosters a connection of creativity, mindfulness, and accomplishment that comes from working with your hands and with real tangible materials. There is wisdom that comes through remembering these types of traditional crafts. 



We hope that more people can experience this meaningful craft and hobby, so make sure to sign up for our next bookbinding workshop at My Muses with Lady Book Witch, Nora.



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