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Community Card Writing is Back!

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  • By Lara Struckman
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Community Card Writing is Back!

Community Card Writing is back at My Muses Card Shop! 



Twice a year we host card writing to send sweet notes of joy and connection to our senior neighbors at local Carrboro nursing homes. This past week we had our spring community card writing event! We invited our community to pause for a moment of their busy lives to reflect and share well wishes to those living in Carrboro nursing homes. Many of you showed up to support and write kind messages, coming out of your way to spread some goodness in our community and we are so grateful! We even had local artists and vendors donate cards for the event!



It is always such a joy to see the way that spreading kindness lights up the faces and the hearts of those writing the cards as well as undoubtedly those of the recipients too! 

Card writing is such a timeless gift and one that can feel often rare in these times. So it is no surprise that getting the opportunity to do so touches the writers and receivers and reminds them of memories past and other folks in their life they want to let know they care.

Receiving a beautiful card with thoughts of care and kindness even (and sometimes especially) from a stranger can go a long way in bringing some joy and comfort to someone's day which we could all use a little bit more of these days. 

We deeply value intergenerational community and connecting with people from all walks and seasons of life so this is a great way to do just that!


Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by to write a card, your thoughts will ripple out. If you missed our community card writing this time, stay tuned for another one at the end of Summer! In the meantime, it’s never a bad time to send someone you know a letter of your gratitude, love, or support. You might be surprised by what happens :) 



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