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Returning of Spring Brings New Creative Possibilities

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  • By Lara Struckman
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Returning of Spring Brings New Creative Possibilities

This weekend, we marked and celebrated the season of Imbolc at My Muses. Imbolc is the Celtic & Pagan mid-winter celebration of the promise of spring. Even though there may still be cold nights, there can often be signs of life reemerging from winter slumber at this time, like the first flower bulbs poking up, a greening of mosses and grass with the late winter rains, new buds on tree branches, and increased activity of birds flitting about preparing nests for egg laying season. These signs bring hope of the freshness to come & the reminder of joy and delight.

Imbolc is connected with the Goddess Brigid who is the goddess of fertility, renewal, poetry, and crafts. This festival is often celebrated by lighting fires and candles to encourage the lengthening daylight and purify stale and stagnant spaces. During this time, there is a quality of freshness, new energy, and gentle stirring as life wakes up for spring to come! It can be a sweet time to plant literal and metaphorical seeds and to start to tend the fire of your visions for the seasons ahead.



To welcome in the springtime, here are some journal prompts to herald in this season internally as well as externally. To inspire your reflection, tidy your space, light a candle, and look for signs of new life stirring in the earth.


>What seeds are you planting in your life? How will you tend them to fruition in the seasons to come?


>What can you clear out from your physical, mental, emotional spaces to make room for the renewal and rebirth of spring?


>What does joy mean to you and how does it show up in your life?



We are feeling the burgeoning inspiration and creativity here at My Muses as we begin to host different workshops and art classes again to nurture your own creative spirit. Join us this spring for one of our offerings, check them out here!


May you revel in the promise of spring while holding close and cozy the vestiges of winter rest and comfort. 



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